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Zentrum Paul Klee In 2003, the Foundation Paul Klee invited to an agency presentation and then held an international competition, Coande won this competition. The subsequent development work included strategy development, naming, brand architecture as well as the design program. The main question of development was that of positioning, because it was necessary to counteract the problem of the monographic museum and to make the Zentrum recognizable as such. Building on the strategic foundations, the design program then was developed. The result is a design program with playful elements, a fresh but not fashionable, but independent appearance that respects the work of Paul Klee. The requirements of all other components of the Zentrum, such as theater and concert facilities, restaurants Schöngrün, summer academy as well as the children's museum Creaviva, could be optimally integrated. Client: Zentrum Paul Klee, Stiftung Zentrum Paul Klee and Maurice E. and Martha Müller Foundation, Bern Project: Corporate Design Program 2003 until 2008