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Standa Grandi Magazini The largest Italian department store chain Standa had decided to clearly differentiate its offerings. The Standa brand serves the established market, while GM Standa deliberately addresses a top segment and BM Buon Mercato acts as a discount chain. The strategy of segmentation was also accompanied and the new brand GM Grande Moda in the premium segment was developed and established. For this brand, a program was developed that includes aspects of interior design, exterior labelling, packaging and labelling and external communication. For the discount segment BM Boun Mercato, a completely new design, independent of the parent company, was developed and implemented, and a wide variety of projects were realized in the areas of packaging, point of sale and external communication. Client: Standa S.p.A., Mailand Project: Consulting, Art Direction and Design for Standa, Development of a Brand- and Design Program for GM Grande Moda and BM Buon Mercato 1976-1984