Our Books Design as Investment Design and Communication as a Management Tool Peter Vetter and Katharina Leuenberger Preface by Dr Rudolf K. Sprüngli Design and communication are the prerequisite for economic success of companies and institutions. Only those who are able to reach their target groups effectively will prevail in accordance with the market. If we analyze different companies in the global markets, we can find some interesting facts: - Almost 61% of all major global companies are older than 75 years and 40% are older than 100 years. - The ten-year average market value of the most important global companies that deal consciously with communication has increased by 194% and is 57% higher than the major stock market indices. In the present text, the different strategic aspects of successful identity, brand and communication processes are analyzed and commented on. These ideas and suggestions should assist managers in efficiently implementing complex and global communication projects. Published 2016 by Spielbein Publishers, Wiesbaden www.spielbeinpublishers.com No Style. Ernst Keller (*1891-†1968) Teacher and Pioneer of the Swiss Style. Peter Vetter, Katharina Leuenberger and Meike Eckstein Ernst Keller was a graphic designer and taught at the School of Arts and Crafts (Kunstgewerbeschule) in Zurich from 1918 to 1956. He has frequently been referred to as the “Father of the Swiss Style” as a result of the large number of Keller students who established the Swiss style and made it famous. However, Ernst Keller was not only a teacher, but also created independent projects as a designer, which included mainly poster designs but also projects related to type and graphics in architecture. In this book, Keller’s biography and extensive collection of work – including works that were not previously known – are revealed. In addition, his fundamental contribution to the development of innovative, non-academic didactic principles in design education are described. His teaching activity, which took place from 1918 and on, is considered one of the world`s first systematic teaching programs for graphic design. During his 38 years of teaching activity, several individualistic, unique designers graduated from Keller’s program, including protagonists of the New Graphic Design movement, such as Richard Paul Lohse, Josef Müller-Brockmann and Carlo Vivarelli and students with diverse, illustrative-artistic talents, such as Heiri Steiner, Lora Lamm and K. Domenic Geissbühler. Other students went on to teach design in Switzerland and abroad, such as Walter Käch, Pierre Gauchat, Heinrich Kümpel, Josef Müller-Brockmann, Rudolf Bircher, Robert Sessler and Fred Troller. Published 2017 by Triest Verlag für Architektur, Design und Typografie, Zurich www.triest-verlag.ch Design as Corporate Strategy Peter Vetter The book was published in 2015 by DDC, Deutscher Designer Club and is currently out of print