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Projects: Design for All – learning from each other The course identity and branding within the BA of Visual Communication and Trends & Identity focuses on concrete business cases in the area of the actual situation in developing countries. The basic concept of this course is the constitution of mixed student teams of different distinctive competences or backgrounds like Visual Communication, Industrial Design, Trends & Identity, or Economics. The objectives of the workshop are: The inter-cultural collaboration between students with different disciplines, expertise, backgrounds and cultures. The research, analysis and conception for the development of realistic business cases including identity, branding, communication, product, and infrastructure design as well as business strategies for the real economic situation in different developing countries. During the course, the students go through a systematic design process from analysis to hypotheses and synthesis to the realization and implementation, here shown as documentations and presentations. The course Design for All – learning from each other was initiated in 2012 with 25 projects for Mozambique and further developed in the following years with similar projects such as Laboratory India, Projects for Madagascar, Projects for Marrakech and Projects for Macedonia in 2016. In 2016 Projects for Macedonia could, for the first time, be carried out in the country itself and a joint project with the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje (Macedonia) emerged. After an initial introduction week 18 students from Zurich and 24 students from Skopje were working together for three weeks. For different projects where developed: – New interpretation of Macedonian tradition (handcraft and women empowerment) – A brand for natural Macedonian food (bio and sustainable products) – Concepts for the Mavrovo area (innovation for the national park) – Urban center for creativity and sustainability (didactics and ecology)